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EMPIRIA building (Motokov)
Na Strži 65, 140 00 Prague 4 (right next to the subway station, Pankrác)
tel: + 420 226 222 222, + 420 226 221 111
Open: MO - FRI 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.


Housing block COMPLETED Prague 5 – Smíchov / Na Bertramce Residence project

(41 apartments in total / 5 available)

Project status

  1. Beginning of construction
    srpen 2015
  2. Rough construction completion
    září 2016
  3. Final inspection
    April 2017
  4. Ready to move in
    June 2017

Floors and price list

Condition Apartment
Layout, related amenities


of internal
floor area
of apartment

Price of the
possible additional
cost features
(CZK with VAT)
Total price (CZK)
incl. additional cost features,
parking places,
storage facilities, balconies,
terraces and front gardens
Orientation of
the habitable
Special Equipment
(with VAT)
87.1 92.7 87,500
9,615,620 COMPLETED
N, S, W
The other apartments on the floor are sold.

Legend for table symbols

Parking place
Storage facilities
Roller blinds
Roller blinds - preparation
Heat recovery
Completed apartments

Internal floor area

The internal floor area of the apartment is the sum of the areas of all the rooms of the apartment. It is therefore the sum of the areas of individual rooms, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, closet, hallway, etc. The total floor area does not include the area under loadbearing or non-loadbearing walls, retention wall, or partitions.

The internal floor area does not include terraces, grassed terraces, winter gardens, loggias, balconies, paved areas, or front yards.
Total floor area

The total floor area is calculated in accordance with existing legal regulations (Government Regulation 366/2013 Coll.). It concerns a total area that, in addition to the area of all rooms of the apartment, also includes the areas under loadbearing and non-loadbearing walls, retention walls and partitions. It is therefore the area enclosed by the outer walls of the apartment.

The total floor area does not include terraces, grassed terraces, winter gardens, loggias, balconies, paved areas, or front yards.
Financing options

CENTRAL GROUP offers the widest range of financing on the new housing market in the Czech Republic. They are the only developer that makes it possible for their clients to move into their completed homes under certain conditions prior to paying the purchase price. For each type of financing, the client pays only 10% of the price of the home or apartment after signing the contract. A mortgage or individual financing can be used to pay off the balance. For maximum security and safety, moreover, each client has the opportunity to make use of notarial custody for all funds paid.

Fixed additional cost features

CENTRAL GROUP progressively sets out particular extra costs items (for instance above standard wall tiles, floor tiles, fittings etc.) during the construction of the as yet unsold apartments. Their description is available within the details for the apartment and their price is included within the total price. More detailed information is available on request.

General information:
    • Marking out of parking places and storage facilities plus a description of the main extra cost items, the amount of advance deposit and mortgage instalments are available within the details for the apartment.
    • More information about the finish of the apartments is available in the section Finish of apartments.
    • Detailed information about financing options are available in  the section Financing options.
    • Procedure during purchase of apartment is available in the section Purchase and client request processes.
    • Specific information is also available directly from company’s business centre.
Energy performance of the building
energetická třída B Energy class: B
Situation of sales and reservations as at 16.01.2019