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Prague 7 – HolešoviceNad Vltavou Residence project

Studios offer

A studio is a residential commercial space with a bathroom and kitchen area. This commercial type of unit offers the furnishings and technical design of ordinary apartments. However, the function of the property in the zoning plan and the lower amount of sunlight and higher noise levels prevent it from having the character of an ordinary apartment.

A studio is a financially much better purchase than an ordinary apartment of the same size. But since it is not an apartment, a studio cannot be used for registering permanent residence. As in the case of an apartment, a mortgage can be used to buy a studio. The client who is a VAT payer saves 21 % when a buying studio.

Number of studios: 0
Completion date:

ALL INCLUSIVE total price of new apartments and studios includes:
  • VAT, high standard COMFORT finish and extended warranty on quality.
  • parking places and storage facilities - come with most apartments and studios (see the table)

The prices given here are valid when Basic Financing is chosen. If the client chooses Credit Financing or Individual Financing, the price can be higher in order to take into account the increased costs for the administrative preparation of securing the loan for the client using a lien, and the risk to CENTRAL GROUP associated with encumbering the property with a lien for the purpose of securing the loan for the client, or to take into account the risk and increased costs to CENTRAL GROUP associated with handing the property over to the client before the acquisition of the title to it.
Internal floor area

The internal floor area of the apartment is the sum of the areas of all the rooms of the apartment. It is therefore the sum of the areas of individual rooms, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, closet, hallway, etc. The total floor area does not include the area under loadbearing or non-loadbearing walls, retention wall, or partitions.

The internal floor area does not include terraces, grassed terraces, winter gardens, loggias, balconies, paved areas, or front yards.