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EMPIRIA building (Motokov)
Na Strži 65, 140 00 Prague 4 (right next to the subway station, Pankrác)
tel: + 420 226 222 222, + 420 226 221 111
Open: MO - FRI 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.



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CENTRAL GROUP offers the widest range of financing on the new housing market in the Czech Republic. The client pays only a deposit after signing the contract. A mortgage or individual financing can be used to pay off the balance. CENTRAL GROUP is the only developer on the market that makes it possible for their clients to move into their completed homes and apartments under certain conditions prior to paying the entire purchase price. For maximum security and safety, moreover, each client has the opportunity to make use of notarial custody for all funds paid.

The client can purchase an apartment or house using a choice of three types of financing:
50,000 CZK up to 7 days after signing the contract
Up to 95% of the price within 30 days of signing the contract
5% up to 7 days before the deadline for handover
50,000 CZK up to 7 days after signing the contract
At least 10% of the price within 30 days of signing the contract
Next at least 10%at the latest to handover of the finished apartment
The remainder of the price anytime the client wishes within 12 months of receiving the completed apartment

Individual financing is a very popular type of financing, chosen by roughly one-third of all clients. Only 10% of the price needs to be paid at the signing of the contract and the remainder within 1 year of receiving your completed home or apartment. The client may, moreover, combine this form of financing with a mortgage to pay off the balance. Individual financing therefore allows clients to resolve their financial situations (e.g. selling their existing property, settling relations between couples after divorce or relations between partners at the sale of the firm, estate settlements, etc.).

50,000 CZK up to 7 days after signing the contract
At least 10% of the price within 30 days of signing the contract
The remainder of the price from a loan with an agreed installment plan

There are specialized loan advisors working directly at the head office of CENTRAL GROUP to give interested home buyers financial advice, completely free of charge. Clients can therefore take care of everything in one location. The loan advisors are available to clients throughout the entire process – from comparing the offers of individual banks and signing the mortgage application to actually drawing the funds. They are furthermore available to clients to answer any questions or make changes concerning their mortgages.

Thanks to their close cooperation with the five largest banking institutions, they are able to offer all clients the most advantageous interest rates. The negotiation benefits include exempting the client from paying standard fees to the bank. Because the loan advisors of CENTRAL GROUP specialize exclusively on financing properties within their own projects, the agreement between the terms of the mortgage and terms of the contract for the chosen home or apartment is completely guaranteed. Also assured is the timely compliance with all deadlines and the smooth drawing of the mortgage in the final phase and with it the quicker handover of the property to clients. In other words, a mortgage from CENTRAL GROUP comes with no useless complications or worries.

Main benefits of the CENTRAL GROUP loan advisory service

  Saving time and money

  The best interest rates from the five largest cooperating banks

  Terminating the contract without any penalties in the event the mortgage is not approved

  Guaranteeing the agreement between the CENTRAL GROUP contract and the mortgage

  Guaranteeing compliance with all obligations arising from the contract within contracted deadlines

  Drawing a mortgage without worries

Completion means the state of construction where the application for the occupancy permit for the apartment building can be filed at the appropriate Building Authority.

The stated prices are valid for the election called. Basic funding. If the client chooses so. Debt financing or individual financing may be the purchase price is higher because of that it will take into account the increased costs of administrative preparation for securing the loan client through a lien and risk CENTRAL GROUP associated with a load of real estate lien in order securing the loan of the client or due consideration of risk and the increased cost to the CENTRAL GROUP connected with the fact that the property will be handed over to the client for use before it acquires the right of ownership.

EMPIRIA Building (right next to subway station C - Pankrác) , Na Strži 65, 140 00 Prague 4
Tel.: +420 226 222 222, +420 226 221 111 E-mail: info@central-group.cz

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