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EMPIRIA building (Motokov)
Na Strži 65, 140 00 Prague 4 (right next to the subway station, Pankrác)
tel: + 420 226 222 222, + 420 226 221 111
Open: MO - FRI 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.


If you find a comparable property at a better price than the one being offered by CENTRAL GROUP, we will match that price plus give you a bonus worth 100,000 CZK.

Terms and conditions: The main criterion of comparison is the unit price per m2 of the property
Other criteria for comparison
  • Comparable location in Prague (for real estate outside of Prague, a comparable location in the same catchment area)
  • Comparable accessibility (distance to the metro, time it takes to the center of the city by individual transport and public transportation)
  • Comparable size of the property and its orientation to cardinal directions, to greenery and disruptive effects
  • the same equipment with connection terminals from utilities, access to the completed property along a paved road (asphalt or pavement)
  • Comparable number of properties within the developer’s project
  • Comparable solution for the construction, standards, and interior design – the materials and technologies used (for apartments and houses)
  • the same number of bedrooms (for apartments and houses)
  • Comparable number of dwellings within the apartment building (for apartments)
  • Comparable floor and number of floors in the building (for apartments)
  • Comparable amenities such as balcony / terrace / front yard / parking place / storage cellar (for apartments)
  • Comparable completion date (the completion date of a property offered by another developer may not be later than 1 month after the completion date of the CENTRAL GROUP property)
Applies only for properties offered by developers (i.e. companies that offer newly built properties as the main activity of their business); applies only for official price lists publicly offered by the developer on the web or by other public means (the prices shall be compared with the basic price list of CENTRAL GROUP) and must be accompanied by a valid binding agreement proposal from the developer together with the identification of the property, the contractual parties and the price of the property.

Our Best Price Guarantee can be applied to a written agreement or reservation agreements between the client and CENTRAL GROUP.

The CZK 100,000 bonus is for apartments and houses in the form of a voucher for a kitchen unit or above-standard client modifications; for building plots, the discount is applied directly to the overall price.

EMPIRIA Building (right next to subway station C - Pankrác) , Na Strži 65, 140 00 Prague 4
Tel.: +420 226 222 222, +420 226 221 111 E-mail: info@central-group.cz

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