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Na Strži 65, 140 00 Prague 4 (right next to the subway station, Pankrác)
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If a company is doing well commercially, it is right and necessary to make financial contributions to community matters, which often cannot survive without sponsorship. That’s why CENTRAL GROUP sponsors various social, cultural and sporting events. The company’s sponsorship includes a kindergarten, a children’s nature camp, sports club, the construction of cycle trails, publishing a regional magazine and an animal shelter. It also finances the planting and restoration of public greenery in many places.

Its most important contribution in areas where the company operates is, however, its investment in utilities and communications. The company builds them at its own cost and then hands them over to public authorities or authorized operators free of charge or for a symbolic amount. As a result, a number of previously neglected communities and city areas have a built, complete infrastructure that serves not only new but also the original inhabitants of the area. Every year the company spends hundreds of millions of crowns on building them.

One of its major charitable and sponsorship activities is the Endowment Fund for Children’s Health, founded by the company in February 2007 on behalf of the Institute for the Care of Mother and Child in Prague 4 - Podolí. The main mission is to support research and education in the field of health care for mothers and their children. Putting knowledge gained from the world into practice here in this country is mainly thanks to the participation of Czech doctors in specialist congresses, conferences and internships abroad. Public funding for the purposes of research and education in health care is unfortunately very limited in this country, so financial support from private sources is crucial for these purposes. In addition to supporting research and education, the endowment fund also assists in financing the equipment necessary for this facility that provides for mothers and children. The endowment fund enables physicians from the Institute for the Care of Mother and Child to attend more than 130 professional congresses, conferences and internships abroad.

The company also supports young talent – students of architecture. Every year it organizes an architectural design competition for them focusing on a specified topic. The purpose and mission of the competition is to find interesting concepts for complex architectural solutions. An independent jury of experts led by the renowned architectural historian Zdeněk Lukeš evaluates in particular the architectural value of the exterior and practicality of the interior. The jury always selects the top three from the dozens of submitted designs. The authors of the winning designs then receive a financial contribution from CENTRAL GROUP to help them with their studies and further develop their talent.

EMPIRIA Building (right next to subway station C - Pankrác) , Na Strži 65, 140 00 Prague 4
Tel.: +420 226 222 222, +420 226 221 111 E-mail: info@central-group.cz

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