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Energy recovery

Would you like to live in a modern and healthy environment while saving on energy costs? For your new home, choose an apartment with energy recovery, an effective and modern system that ensures the supply of fresh and healthy air.

How does energy recovery work?

Very simply. Heat from exhaust air is used to heat up the air fed inside. It will be especially appreciated in the home during winter months when energy recovery efficiently heats up the air flowing into the apartment. Energy recovery therefore brings big savings in heating costs. But there are also benefits during the hot summer, because the air flowing into your apartment is pleasantly cooled. And the main thing is, the supply of fresh air is always free of dust, smog and allergens. Energy recovery is therefore becoming the industry standard and a synonym for a healthy home.

Ventilation in the building is provided by a system that supplies fresh air to each space while removing exhaled and stale air. In order to save heat energy, the ventilation system is equipped with equipment for recovering heat from the exhaust air.

The central system provides a comfortable temperature with a heat exchanger that warms up the supply of air to living spaces. The heat generated through normal household activities (for example, heat generated during cooking) is recovered for use during winter. It is the opposite during summer, when the incoming air is cooled by up to 6°C compared to the outdoor temperature.

Energy recovery system


Clean air in your apartment without allergens, dust or smog

Replaces manual ventilation, which is not nearly as effective

Major reduction in heat losses during ventilation

Cools the air by 6 degrees Celsius during summer

Reuses waste heat during winter and so saves on heating costs

Maintains optimal humidity in the unit = prevents mold and condensation on windows

What does central energy recovery do?

  • The central recovery unit makes the indoor environment pleasant by keeping it free of dust, noise, pollen allergens and at the ideal humidity.
  • Air saturated with carbon dioxide, moisture and odors is exhausted from kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and closets through a regenerative heat exchanger, where heat is added to the incoming fresh air.
  • Fresh, filtered air from outdoors is heated by the exchanger and distributed to the living spaces.
  • Both air flows are completely separated from each other by a system of channels to prevent the odors from the exhaust air from mixing with the incoming air.

Did you know that…

Each person produces about 400 liters of carbon dioxide per day by breathing. Imagine two people in a small, closed unventilated bedroom and the value of the carbon dioxide will be very high. Sleep becomes restless under this condition, preventing your body from getting the rest it needs. Energy recovery through controlled ventilation ensures not only a satisfying sleep, but mainly a healthy lifestyle for the entire family.

EMPIRIA Building (right next to subway station C - Pankrác) , Na Strži 65, 140 00 Prague 4
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