General information for selling and renting
commercial spaces in CENTRAL GROUP residential projects

The main activity of CENTRAL GROUP is the construction and sale of new flats in Prague. In some residential projects, the company additionally proposes a ground floor commercial space for the establishment of a new representative trade-disturbing operations, services and gastronomy. Currently CENTRAL GROUP offers several different spaces in several new residential projects in various locations throughout Prague.

All offered commercial spaces are already completed, under construction or in preparation stage. Some of the spaces are very flexible and allow multiple use (eg. Through adequately dimensioned air-conditioning here may be established unobtrusive restaurant operation), in other areas is limited use (eg. For the business unit, showroom, office, hairdressers, etc.). Designated contiguous operations after an agreement to combine and other vice versa may be split.

Commercial spaces in their residential projects CENTRAL GROUP offers for sale or rent. The company clearly favors the sale of these spaces, not just individual operators, but also convenient for those interested in investing funds. In some cases it is also possible to only rent these spaces for a period of 5 years (up to a maximum of 10 years with possibility of extension) with private investments tenant in finalizing and launching areas. The lease option is a contribution to the completion of the space of the owner.

All Commercial spaces are leased without finalization work (i.e. shell & core), meaning without:

  • partitions,
  • rough floors or floor coverings,
  • interior plasterwork,
  • bathrooms, floor and wall tiles,
  • water main, sewerage, electrical and heating installation (only connection points will be built),
  • air conditioning and ventilation,
  • suspended ceilings and lighting fixtures,
  • designation of areas in the agreed form.
The buyer or tenant individually and at their own expense provides architectural design, project execution and finalizing their own work and & nbsp; launching areas. CENTRAL GROUP provides him with the necessary documents only used for drafting and completion of the project areas and on request, it also provides the necessary technical advice related to the implementation and operation of the building. Building permits and inspection of finalizing a space provided by the buyer or lessee also independently and at their own expense, but under the supervision CENTRAL GROUP.


A) Sales of commercial spaces with an advance of 10 % at the conclusion of the agreement and an additional payment at completion and handover of the premises to the purchaser
B) Commercial space for rent for 5 years (up to a maximum of 10 years with possibility of extension) with private investments tenant in finalizing and launching areas

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