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How to use the browser

The search engine is a tool for orientation within the wide range of offers from CENTRAL GROUP. Use the search engine to browse through real estate that completely matches your expectations. For a successful search, you can use a combination of all functions of the search engine, which are described below.

1Selection of project

Individual locations are grouped according to community. You can select one or more locations at one time by checking them off individually or you can choose all locations by checking the option “select all areas”. You can cancel this option by again checking various locations at random. Red-highlighted entries indicate a new listing.

2House type design

House type design will be visible depending on the current offer and is divided into house type design KLASIK and PROGRES.


The layout is divided by the number of rooms. For example, the selection does not distinguish between a three-bedroom unit (4+) with a combined living room and kitchen or separate kitchen space, etc. This means that by checking (4+) the search results will include all types of layouts with three bedrooms and living room, and this includes studios and maisonettes. More types of layouts can be indicated for the search results.

4Size of land

he default setting is "Size is irrelevant" or is a choice of several ranges. For the search result can be indicated more od size.

5Related amenities

The default setting is "Related amenities are irrelevant", but amenities such as Garage, Double-garage or Without garage. The search results will be limited to your choice of amenities.


The price range is defined in terms of "from/to" for a certain amount. This option limits the search results to the selected price ceiling. For example, if you select up to CZK 6,000,000, the search results will include all property from the lowest price to the selected amount of CZK 6,000,000.

7Completion date

The completion date is a timestamp that focuses the search results in terms of completing the property. The listing distinguishes real estate between "completed" and "under construction". Properties under construction are then categorized in the listing after six-month periods according to the current offer. The default setting is set for the longest completion date.


Press the button to inquire about properties based on the selected criteria. The search results are displayed in a table on the same page under these criteria. After finding all properties matching your criteria, the pages will automatically jump to the beginning of the search results table.

9Overview of areas on the map

This overview of the areas on the map of Prague and the surrounding area shows the current locations on offer. The map only acts as a visual overview of locations in and around Prague.

How to use the result of the sorting

Information within the table for results of the search may be sorted in ascending order by the relevant data primarily being the subject of interest. The sorting of the results of the search can be performed in two modes. The first preset mode is the ‘sorting of the results of the search in basic form’ when it may only be sorted by singular specification (column). The second mode, the ‘sorting of results of the search in an advanced form’ offers sorting by up to three types of specifications (columns) at once.

1Sorting the search results in the Quick Search tab

By sorting the search results in this basic manner, only one type of data is sorted, i.e. only the data of one randomly selected column from the table. The default setting sorts the search results by total cost.

Furthermore, sorting may be done according to these columns from the table of the results of the search:

  • Total price
  • Layout
  • House type design
  • Size of plot
  • Completion date
  • Name of the project
  • NEW

2Sorting the search results in the Quick Search tab

Here you can sort the data in the table of search results according to any three columns at once. Sorting is based on the principle of gradual reduction. 1) First sort the ascending items according to the first selected column, 2) next sort the differences (if any) within this range according to the second selected column 3) and then sort the remaining differences (if any) according to the third selected column. The selected columns and their priorities can be randomly combined. The default setting is sorting the search results by total cost.

Legend for the symbols

Individual residential unit within the table of the results of the search may contain some of the below shown icons which display the status of the residential unit additionally from the point of view of status of sale, related amenities or above standard finish.

The icons are divided into the following groups:

1Status of a residential unit

The first set of symbols illustrates the residential unit’s status according to the clients’ interest or is a new product or is included within a special offer.

The residential unit is newly included within the offer for the current half-year.
Under offer
The property is under offer and subject to contract.
Special offer
The residential unit is included within the special offer.

2Related amenities pertaining to a residential unit

This illustrates various types of related amenities already included within the total price of the property. Other details are listed under "property detail".

The family house comes with a garage.
The family house comes with a double-garage.
Kitchen cabinet
Kitchen cabinet included.
Built-in Wardrobe
Built-in Wardrobe included.
Additional cost features
The family house includes additional cost features over and above the standard level of finish and which are included within the price of the family house. These features are preset by the company during their realisation. The prices and descriptions of the main features are listed under "detail".


If the results of the search contain many items, it is necessary to divide their listings into pages.

The module of paging has several functions:

  • information on the total number of found items
  • information on the total number of pages of the listing
  • info about the range of items displayed
  • change in the number of items per one page
  • movement through pages forwards and backwards

1Number of items

This displays the total number of items that correspond with the search criteria.

2Number of current page from the total number

This displays the number of the current page from the total number of pages. The number of pages depends on the selection of the number of lines per page.

3Selection of number of lines per page

It is possible to set 10, 30, 50, 70 or 90 lines per page. To have the selection changed, it is necessary to confirm this with the "SEARCH" button.


Move one page back.

5Numbers of pages

To make the move more comfortable and faster when there are a greater number of pages, the pages are displayed in fours and in both directions from the current page. To locate a particular page, click on its number.


Move one page forvard.