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Progres 6-B5+1 with garage

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Základní informace

Built on area: 123 m2
Internal floor area: 160 m2
Floor area of terraces and balconies: 18 m2
Colour finish:
For detached houses, the colour of roof tiles is always pre-set due to architectural purposes and cannot be altered. As for the colour of the façade, wooden features and apertures, the client has the option to choose from approved colour samples up to a specific stage of construction. With regards to semi-detached houses, the colour of roof tiles, façade, wooden features and apertures are pre-set due to architectural purposes and cannot be altered.

House type project:
Each interested client may obtain a house type project for this family house for 38,000 CZK + VAT. The project also includes complete project documentation with the exception of the dweling's position within a particular building plot.

List of projects with this house design type offer:

    Family house design types „Progres 6-B“ are not currently available for purchase or are all sold.

Možnosti úprav

The architects and project engineers at CENTRAL GROUP have drawn up the optional changes that clients mainly require for each type of house. These are architecturally and technically designed module modifications that are contained within the Price List of Client’s Changes, including prior calculated prices, and are included within the Graphic Execution of Client’s Changes. The realised client’s changes are selected in order to suitably complete the family house, taking into consideration its character, qualities of utilisation and level of technical finish. Over and above the realised changes, the company also offers individual modifications that will be carried out based on the client’s requirements.

The most frequent options for client's changes

  • Wooden Euro-windows
  • Timber facade cladding
  • Cladded with facade facial strips
  • External window shutters
  • Floor heating
  • Additional electric underfloor heating
  • Advanced electronic security system
  • Central vacuum cleaner system
  • Exchange of wall tiles, floor tiles, sanitary furnishings, flooring and internal doors
  • Plasterboard ceilings including down lighters
  • Choice of kitchen including appliances, built-in cupboards, interior lighting and others

Visualization of the house design type

Virtual tour of the house design type