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EMPIRIA building (Motokov)
Na Strži 65, 140 00 Prague 4 (right next to the subway station, Pankrác)
tel: + 420 226 222 222, + 420 226 221 111
Open: MO - FRI 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

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ALL INCLUSIVE total price of new family houses includes:

The prices given here are valid when Basic Financing is chosen. If the client chooses Credit Financing or Individual Financing, the price can be higher in order to take into account the increased costs for the administrative preparation of securing the loan for the client using a lien, and the risk to CENTRAL GROUP associated with encumbering the property with a lien for the purpose of securing the loan for the client, or to take into account the risk and increased costs to CENTRAL GROUP associated with handing the property over to the client before the acquisition of the title to it.
Financing options

CENTRAL GROUP offers the widest range of financing on the new housing market in the Czech Republic. They are the only developer that makes it possible for their clients to move into their completed homes under certain conditions prior to paying the purchase price. For each type of financing, the client pays only 10% of the price of the home or apartment after signing the contract. A mortgage or individual financing can be used to pay off the balance. For maximum security and safety, moreover, each client has the opportunity to make use of notarial custody for all funds paid.

Additional cost features

CENTRAL GROUP progressively sets out particular extra costs items (etc. fireplace chimney, above standard interior etc.) during the construction of the as yet unsold family houses. Their description is available within the details for the family house and their price is included within the total price. More detailed information is available on request.

General information:
Situation of sales and reservations as at 19.02.2018