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Buying your new homeStep by step

1Choosing your property

We are the largest real estate developer in the Czech Republic, with hundreds of new apartments to choose from in many locations throughout Prague. We offer affordable housing in large projects and in smaller, prestigious residential buildings with luxury apartments built to a higher standard. All of our apartments come with an extended three-year warranty on quality, and we provide the widest and best financing options to purchase them. You will definitely find something in our listing.

2Reserving an apartment

Should one of our apartments catch your eye but you would like to think everything through first, you can reserve it for 3 business days without any obligations. If you then confirm that you are seriously interested, you can reserve it for another 7 business days with obligation but without having to pay any deposit.


We offer the widest range of financing options on the Czech new housing market. We are the only company that makes it possible to move into a completed home prior to paying the purchase price. After signing the contract, you pay only a 10% deposit and the balance you can pay off using our Loan, Individual or Combined Financing with a mortgage of 80%. Of course there is the possibility of using escrow. We give all our loyal customers benefits in the form of loyalty program.

4Signing the contract

If the contract is concluded during the course of the construction and completion of the property, a Sales Agreement. is drawn up. This agreement resolves all the matters relating to constructing the apartment building and transferring the ownership of the unit to the client. A Purchase Contract is concluded after the property is completed or in the event the prospective homeowner buys an already completed property. The Purchase Contract is used to transfer the ownership (including the respective co-ownership of the land and common areas of the apartment building) from the company to the client.

Modifying your apartment? No problem

Choosing the design and equipment

As part of the standard construction and up until the stipulated deadline, you can choose from a variety of floor and wall tiles, floor coverings and interior doors in our showroom. Every change is agreed in the form of an addendum to the contract.

Optional changes

Our showroom at the client center also offers you a wide variety of premium (at an additional cost) floor and wall tiles, bathroom fixtures, floor coverings and interior doors. Other completely individual choices of deluxe premium materials will be handled with our contracted suppliers.

Possible client changes with a surcharge

You can choose some of the most desirable changes prepared by our architects and designers, or you have the possibility to make individual, minor changes in the walls, wiring, the location of switches and sockets, etc. Two units can also be combined to form one large and spacious apartment or even a two-story apartment.

Handover and occupancy

Transfer procedure

  • Applying for the issue of the occupancy permit.
  • Final on-site inspection tour with the participation of the client and representative of the investor and drawing up a protocol, where any minor defects and backlogs are recorded along with an agreed deadline for their removal.
  • Signing the Purchase Contract, whereby ownership is transferred to the client. The date of signing the Purchase Contract and transfer of ownership in the Land Registry depends on the type of financing chosen and the status of constructing the home.
  • Signing the transfer protocol, handing over the keys and folder of documents, mainly containing warranties and user instructions for the installed equipment.

Certification procedure

It runs concurrently with the transfer procedure. The Building Authority assesses the compliance of the construction with the documentation approved in the context of the building permit and compliance with the general requirements for residential buildings. The length of the procedure in terms of individual deadlines regulated by law and in practice is around 8-12 weeks from the application to the issue of the occupancy permit.

Real estate transfer tax

After the client's deed of ownership has been entered in the Land Registry, the client is obliged to file a tax return for the purchase of immovable property in accordance with the law and to pay tax on the purchase at the statutory rate. Tax on the purchase of immovable property is 4% of the tax base. Although the first paid transfer or transfer of ownership is tax-exempt, this does not apply to the transfer of non-residential properties (e.g. ateliers).

Utilities registration

After receiving the keys, the investor representative and client note the status of the energy and water meters. With your approval, we will manage the re-registration of utilities. You do not have to worry about a thing.


Personal Web Page

The easy way to communicate with consultants, representatives of the investor and other company employees. You can follow the progress of construction and payments, conclude addenda, make complaints, and also rate your satisfaction with the services of our company.

Handling complaints

We guarantee the removal of defects in the extended three-year warranty period and in the shortest possible time. Within three business days of receiving a complaint at our company headquarters, you will be contacted by an authorized complaints officer. You and the complaints officer will decide on a date to perform a local inquiry and in the event a defect is recognized as legitimate (technological and climate conditions permitting), the defect will be removed within an agreed term or within 30 days of the local inquiry.

In the event any complaint or claim is not handled by our authorized staff within three working days of receiving it in writing or in electronic form, please contact the company management at the email address In such exceptional case, company management guarantees you the direct involvement of a member of senior management to ensure an immediate remedy and resolution of the matter.

Loyalty program

We are delighted when clients are very often happy to return and buy more apartments from us. We are convinced that this is due to the high quality of our units, our customer friendliness and our broad listing. That is why we maintain a loyalty program for all our loyal customers. When buying a second product, you or a member of your family will automatically receive a bonus of 2 % and this bonus will always increase by 0.5 % for each additional property. The amount of the bonus tops out at the fourth and any additional products, meaning 3 %. You will receive the bonus in the form of a voucher for a kitchen or premium client modifications. If any special offer is applied to a newly purchased property, the amount of the loyalty provision will be cut in half.