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CENTRAL GROUP Preferred Mortgagefor 90 % of the purchase price

With our unbeatable interest rate, we offer the best terms for financing a new home on the Czech market. It can be used to purchase any apartment, whether completed or under construction, in all CENTRAL GROUP locations in Prague.

Why the CENTRAL GROUP Preferred Mortgage?

1 Saves you time and money

We are with you prior to the actual signing of the contract for your chosen apartment. You manage everything with us in one place – from comparing offers and signing the mortgage application to drawing it and paying it off. Our mortgage consultations are completely free. You will not pay the fees that banks ordinarily charge, for example, for assessing the property, processing the mortgage or reserving funds.

2 Best interest rates from the largest cooperative banks

We offer you the best interest rate. You do not have to do any negotiating or bargaining with a bank. All our clients are guaranteed the best interest rate.

3 Terminate your contract without any penalties

If the mortgage is not approved, you can terminate the contract without any penalties or fees. But the cases where mortgages were not approved are minimum.

4 We take care of all obligations and deadlines

You can be sure that we will be watching out for all obligations and deadlines stipulated by concluded contracts. You therefore need not monitor the entire process or worry about any penalties for failing to comply with the agreed terms.

5 Use your mortgage without worries

We manage the whole process, from the approval of the loan to drawing it. The process is therefore guaranteed to be smooth without any delays. The property can be handed over immediately afterwards. The entire process is thus greatly simplified and accelerated. A team of mortgage specialists is available to you on business days from 8:00 to 19:00.

6 We ensure all the contractual documents agree

Our company puts specific terms in its contracts that concern mortgages and liens. The CENTRAL GROUP mortgage specialists guarantee you that the approved loan documentation will be in absolute agreement with these terms and so save you from any extra costs associated with possible corrections.


Would you like to get an idea of the installments you will pay for your new home or do you have any questions concerning mortgages?
Write down your question in the form or contact us: 226 221 043

Required items

Examples of financing apartments in the listing

Layout Price of the unit Deposit Monthly payment
Bedsit 3,456,922 CZK 345,692 CZK 11,640 CZK
1B+1k 5,073,314 CZK 507,331 CZK 17,083 CZK
2B+1 7,182,114 CZK 718,211 CZK 24,184 CZK
3B+1 10,355,335 CZK 1,035,534 CZK 34,869 CZK

These monthly payments apply for financing with the CENTRAL GROUP Preferred Mortgage and paying a 10 % deposit from your own funds. The mortgage is for 30 years, with an interest rate of 2.09 % pa. The guaranteed interest rate applies when you fix the interest rate for 5 years and use financing for up to 90 % of the purchase price of the property. The offer is time-limited and can be withdrawn any time by Central Group.

Representative example:

CENTRAL GROUP brokers a loan for 2,000,000 CZK, 30 years maturity, 360 total installments of 7,483 CZK monthly, fixed interest rate of 2.09 % p.a. for fifteen years, RPSN 2.22 %, total amount paid by the client 2,693,781 CZK. Fees related to the loan: the mortgage is arranged for free, free monthly administration of current account, free management and administration of the mortgage, free property assessment, second drawing 500 CZK. You will incur the following costs with the mortgage: required property insurance, bank fee for sending instructions to cancel the lien and other encumbrances from the Land Registry at the end of the mortgage in the amount of 500 CZK, together with Land Registry administrative costs expected to be 2,000 CZK. The loan will be secured by a lien on the property.