Exclusive living at a prestigious address in the center of Prague

Residence Park Nikolajka is a completely unique and exclusive project in the center of Prague, for which it would be difficult to find a comparison in today's market. These two charming residential villas are clearly among the most interesting projects built in the Czech Republic in recent years. Buildings it in a unique location surrounded by greenery in a prestigious residential area of Smíchov near Malá Strana makes it a genuine gem of a place to live in at the present time.

The apartments have wonderful views of Prague and the surrounding gardens and park. The Anděl subway station and the Nový Smíchov shopping and entertainment center are just a short walk away.

„After 13 years of work, we are presenting a unique, limited offer that is obviously not for everyone.“

„It sounds incredible, but the preparation and construction of this project took almost 13 years. After all, we’re talking about a unique location surrounded by greenery, in an urban conservation area next door to both villas done in the Art Nouveau style and the historic Nikolajka homestead.

Dušan Kunovský There are very few places in the center of Prague that are this unique, green and prestigious. It wasn’t easy getting a project like this off the ground. But I’m sure the end result is worth all the work and waiting. It brings together the concentration of skill and will, and the desire to overcome obstacles and bring things to a successful conclusion.

This project is now ready to become a real home for exceptional and successful people who have and respect these same traits. I’m sure you will be impressed by the location in the project itself. The same way this place captivated us many years ago, when we decided to buy the property and create something extraordinary here. And so I’m very happy to be able to present this unique and very limited offer to you, which of course is not for everybody.“

Dušan Kunovský
Chairman of the Board CENTRAL GROUP a.s.