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EMPIRIA building (Motokov)
Na Strži 65, 140 00 Prague 4 (right next to the subway station, Pankrác)
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Since it was founded 26 years ago, CENTRAL GROUP has successfully built 180 residential locations and sold more than 16.000 new apartments, houses and plots. It has happened many times that clients who purchased property from CENTRAL GROUP in the past have come back years later to buy something else. Many prospective homeowners also act on the recommendation of their friends or relatives. This is the best reference for our company.

List of CENTRAL GROUP projects as references

PRAGUE 3 – ŽIŽKOV | Residence Garden Towers

The Residence Garden Towers apartment complex, which can be found on Olšanská Street in Prague 3 – Žižkově, is the most important developer project built around the center of Prague in the last 25 years. It offers a total of 700 high-quality, yet affordable residential and commercial units.

Year of completion: 2016
Total number of apartments: 700

PRAGUE 5 – SMÍCHOV | Rezidence Park Nikolajka

A unique and exclusive project in the center of Prague, for which it would be difficult to find a comparison in today's market. These two charming residential villas are clearly among the most interesting projects built in the Czech Republic in recent years.

Year of completion: 2015
Total number of apartments: 105

PRAGUE 7 – HOLEŠOVICE | Rezidence Nad Vltavou

The Residence Nad Vltavou apartment complex is located in the dynamically developing area of Holešovice, which in the last few years has become an attractive and desirable place for modern urban living.

Year of completion: 2018
Total number of apartments: 114

PRAGUE 5 – SMÍCHOV | Rezidence Na Bertramce

An exclusive residential project in the most charming corner of Prague. This is Residence Na Bertramce. It can be found directly in a park, opposite the legendary homestead of Bertramka, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once lived.

Year of completion: 2017
Total number of apartments: 41

PRAGUE 5 – RADLICE | Rezidence Panorama

Exclusive apartments above Prague. Modern living over Radlice valley with beautiful views of the countryside.

Year of completion: 2008
Total number of apartments: 150

PRAGUE 2 – VINOHRADY | Rezidence U Muzea

Residence U Muzea (Museum) is a quaint residential project in a prestigious area of the historic center of Prague. Although it is located in the pulsating heart of the city directly above the subway transfer station at the Museum, all 42 new apartments face a quiet street with no traffic noise.

Year of completion: 2016
Total number of apartments: 42

PRAGUE 5 – ZLIČÍN | Metropole

The top-selling location for apartments in the capital for a long time now. One of the largest developer projects ever built in Prague, it is located next to the Zličín subway station on line B and the huge Metropole Zličín shopping and entertainment center.

Year of completion: 2014
Total number of apartments: 1730

PRAGUE 5 – STODŮLKY | Residence Prague Towers

Unique apartments with a view of all of Prague One of the tallest residential buildings in the Czech Republic, it offers more than 280 luxury apartments on 21 floors. The apartment building is near the protected area of Prokop and Dalej Valley and is just a five-minute walk from the Lužiny subway station on line B.

Year of completion: 2011
Total number of apartments: 282

PRAGUE 9 – LETŇANY | Nové Letňany

A very modern residential complex with six apartment buildings located near the the Letňany subway station on line C and the Letňany shopping center.

Year of completion: 2013
Total number of apartments: 720

PRAGUE 6 – BŘEVNOV | Rezidence Břevnovské centrum

Residence Břevnovské centrum is a luxurious place to live in the wider center of Prague at a prime address full of history. A charming apartment building located right in the middle of the traditional residential district of Prague 6, which has long been considered one of the most prestigious addresses for a home.

Year of completion: 2015
Total number of apartments: 79

PRAGUE 8 – LIBEŇ | Rezidence Libeňské terasy

Residence Libeň Terraces is located in the modern and rapidly developing area of Prague 8 just a couple of steps from the subway station. The original architectural design of the apartment building offers a total of 103 luxurious apartments with layouts from 1+kk to 4+kk.

Year of completion: 2016
Total number of apartments: 103

PRAGUE 10 – PITKOVICE | Nové Pitkovice

Modern villas in the vicinity of the nature park Botič – Milíčov just 10 minutes from the subway.

Year of completion: 2012
Total number of apartments: 390

PRAGUE 5 – STODŮLKY | Nové Stodůlky

Modern apartments right at the protected area of Prokop and Dalej valley.

Year of completion: 2008
Total number of apartments: 440

PRAGUE 10 – ZAHRADNÍ MĚSTO | Nové Zahradní Město

Attractive living on the edge of the nature park Meandry Botiče close to the Park Hostivař shopping center.

Year of completion: 2007
Total number of apartments: 1150