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CENTRAL GROUPsponsors and helps

We are very pleased to contribute to and financially help charitable actions that are almost dependent on sponsorship. We sponsor a number of social, cultural and sporting activities. In 2007, we established the Endowment Fund for Children’s Health. We support students of architecture with architectural competitions. But we also invest in the utilities and roads in the areas where we operate.

Utilities and roads

Our project investments includes preparing utilities and roads. We build them at our own expense and then hand them over to the public authorities or authorized operators free of charge or for a token amount. Each year we spend tens of millions of crowns this way. Numerous previously neglected municipalities and boroughs now have complete infrastructure serving all their inhabitants.

We support positive and dynamic construction development in the Czech Republic

We are a sponsor of the Association for Architecture and Development (SAR) and the biannual Summits of Architecture and Development it organizes in order to promote positive construction development and which bring leading international architects to Prague. The task of the association is to popularize the industry and education and also to achieve legislation that promotes development and the practices of the authorities. The association wants to join forces and look for the right solutions. And to do it in collaboration with other industry experts, politicians and government offices.

We support architectural quality

We are a general partner of the prestigious competition Czech Award for Architecture organized by the Czech Chamber of Architects. It is superb architecture that makes a building more than just average, gives it a lot of extra value. That is why we have placed great emphasis on quality in architecture, especially in recent years. As an investor with many years of experience, we are well aware of the importance of balancing unique architecture with economic operation and the practicality of the design. And so CENTRAL GROUP is announcing a special prize to allow us to especially honor those projects that have the best relationship between the uniqueness of applied architecture and the effectiveness of the chosen design.

Endowment Fund for Children’s Health

Our major charitable activity is the Endowment Fund for Children’s Health, which we founded in 2007 on behalf of the Institute for the Care of Mother and Child in Prague 4-Podolí. To enable the institute to apply the latest global practices, we promote the participation of physicians at specialized international congresses and for internships and we help fund the purchase of cutting-edge instrumentation.

Medical Research Foundation

A completely new charitable activity of CENTRAL GROUP is the Medical Research Foundation, which we set up in January 2020. The main mission of the Foundation is to support research and education in the field of oncology and internal medicine and to put the knowledge gained in these important areas into practice. More detailed information about the Foundation will be published in February 2020.

Financial support for the presentation of Prague at international trade fairs

We are general partner of Prague and help finance the presentation of the capital at the most prestigious international trade fairs, MIPIM in Cannes, France, and EXPO REAL in Munich, Germany. Together with the plans of city managers, our biggest upcoming projects, which involve leading architects, are also presented at these international trade fairs.

We support young, gifted architects

We encourage students of architecture and related disciplines from several Czech cities. We organize an architectural competition for them to find interesting concepts for comprehensive architectural designs. For the 11th annual competition, which was announced towards the end of March 2019, students prepare their designs based on the theme “A unique building in a complicated place”. They were given the task of finding a complicated place in Prague and designing a unique new building for it. They were competing for prize money worth 175,000 CZK and an internship with architect Josef Pleskot.