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Closet and Wardrobe Studio

The supplier of closets and wardrobes is INDECO CZ. Their closets and wardrobes can handle any atypical space. Choose from a variety of materials, colors and door panels. The internal furnishing of closets includes a large number of shelves, drawers and accessories like tilt rods, brackets, hooks and wire baskets.

Available directly at CENTRAL GROUP, these specialty retailers

  • can help you choose the right closet or wardrobe
  • help the client choose the materials, layout, color and equipment to furnish the inside of the closet
  • prepare a draft design and take care of all the little things
  • are available from Monday to Friday, 08:00-17:00, also by appointment (at least 1 business day prior to the requested meeting) by calling 226 221 122 or 226 222 222 (reception) or by email to
  • will arrange individual appointments for any time not listed here

To get an idea of the appearance, functionality and equipment of any particular closet, each customer will receive a three-dimensional graphic design with a preliminary calculation. It will include a breakdown of the materials and drawings used. Our specialized representative will help you choose which closet to install. The regularly updated catalogs of INDECO CZ also provide practical help and bring news and trends from the world of built-in furniture every year.

The company has been active on the Czech market since 1995. When it comes to interior furnishing, it insists on providing the best services possible. Specializing in the segment of custom-built closets and cabinets guarantees the satisfaction of the most demanding customer requirements. The company constantly monitors the latest trends in built-in furniture around the world and regularly builds on the materials and accessories it offers. The quality of the product is attested by the excellent, thirty-year tradition of the Canadian DSH sliding door system, for which INDECO CZ is the sole representative in the Czech Republic.

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